Inovative Products make Inovative Projects

Nesim Ltd, since 2001 operates in the field of contruction, processing and mounting of Aluminium and PVC products. The activitz covers all Albania, as a result of the succesful collaboration between the leadership and the tecnical staff, including architects and engineers of production and installation departament. High aesthetic and techical levels exceed the requirements and are certified according to the most prestigous standard for quality and environmental management : ISO 9001:2008, offering to the client maximum quality at competitive prices.

The latest technologic achievements in the area of External Finishes are applied by our Architects and Engineers, which have extended knowledge on the subject. Based on this, we make possible a wide production line of Aluminum, Panel Composites and Glasses, providing good thermic and acoustic isolation, according to the requirements. Also, much care is taken for the aesthetics. All these years in the market have just proven the quality and warranty of the products and services the company is offering, and our commitment to the client.

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